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Homeaway.com Comments

USARenter40 says: (11 months ago)
We have rented from Homeaway for over 10 years, and our last rental in London was a disaster. We have not been able to contact customer support and our "one Star" negative rating of the place was never posted. Sadly we are now looking for another rental company for our next trip!

Daria says: (1 year ago)
I booked the apartment on Homeaway website. I was charged with first payment even though the owner didin't confirm booking. So Homeaway canceled my reservation but I received only a part of my payment - without VAT and reservation fees which were charged by HomeAway. i asked for total refund. Homeaway wrote that the owner had my money,. The owner showed me the photo as a proof that he got only part of the payment. He wrote to Homeaway. They didin't answer. I wrote again and didn't got any response. After over 2 weeks I wrote that I was filing an official complaint about HomeAway to the Better Business Bureau. Victory - they wrote they'd give me the rest of money. - without any explanation. Everything went on almost one month. Never ever booking on Homeaway website

Pinnacle says: (1 year ago)
BAIT and SWITCH!!!!!

• Today at 8:47 PM
• HomeAway Customer Support

• Message body
So you will continue to allow your client to bait and switch without ramification. Please take me off our email list and any other points of contact.

I refuse to do business with you or anyone that does do business with you.

From: HomeAway Customer Support
Sent: Sunday, April 23, 2017 4:29 PM
Subject: HomeAway Property Case 03871702 [ ref:_00D1aZzRr._5001aGhJha:ref ]

Thank you for contacting HomeAway Customer Support.
My name is Ashley and I sincerely apologize for the delay in my response. We are experiencing an unusually high volume of activity on the site and are working hard to help our customers as soon as we can. Rest assured that we will provide the assistance you need.
I am sorry you have had this unfortunate experience on our site. The quotes and prices of properties listed on our sites are controlled and at the discretion of the property managers and owners respectively. Although we strive to create a marketplace where the owners respond quickly to all their potential renters and information is kept up to date, it is not always the case. Until an actual agreement has been formed and accepted, quotes are only estimates of the costs of the property and subject to changes if the owner/manager needs to make adjustments. We want all owners and property managers to use simple and accurate booking practices.
We will contact the owner regarding the details of your concern. We encourage all owners to be responsible and follow appropriate booking procedures.
Per our Terms of Use, we are an online marketplace bringing owners and travelers together. We are not involved in the rental transaction or management of a property; therefore, we are not able to mediate disputes between owners and travelers.
If you have any questions about the terms of renting through our site, you can view the travelers' terms at: http://www.homeaway.com/info/about-us/legal/terms-conditions
Thank you again for bringing your experience to our attention. We hope you continue to use our site to find rentals. Thank you for using HomeAway, the world leader in vacation rentals, with over 1 million listings across our family of brands.

Best regards,

HomeAway.com Customer Support

This is the first time using VRBO. Can I expect this type of chiseling from all your offerings?

I thought this was the first time using VRBO but my wife reminded me we just used it for a condo in Sun Valley last month. The fees seemed a little much on that one for a 2 night rental, but it was still a decent value. This is different!
This offering was high profiled under the heading of being the best bargain on Portland at 86.00/nt.. I replied on an email asking if there was a weekly rate and if there were any cats as I have a bad cat allergy (I believe you can access that). I never got an answer to that but did receive an email encouraging me to reserve now and showing a new rate of 106.00 the below email which I thought came from your company.
So I’ll let you look at the email exchanges below;

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: VRBO.com
Sent: Monday, April 17, 2017 8:20 PM
Subject: Your VRBO.com inquiry for #627502
Your Inquiry Confirmation

If you are interested, don't wait!
Book this property before someone else does!

Your dates are available

Book Now

If you are interested, don't wait!
Book this property before someone else does!

Your dates are available

Book Now

To: Rose
Sent: Tuesday, April 18, 2017 11:43 AM
Subject: Re: Are you still interested in booking VRBO property 627502 for May 2, 2017 to May 9, 2017?

The price went up 20 bucks since yesterday!
What's the deal on that?
I had sent a message asking if there is a risk with my bad cat allergy and asking about a weekly rate? So far no answer but they don't need to if the rate is 106/night?
This is the first time using VRBO. Can I expect this type of chisling from all your offerings?

Not happy with your service,

Rose has replied to your message

Property #627502

Reservation ID
Dates May 2-
9, 2017, 7 nights
Guests 2 adults, 0 children
Owner name Rose
Dear JP

Sorry you feel that way. You will be better off looking elsewhere. Thank you for your inquiry on my vacation rental but it's clearly not a good fit.

Unfortunately, my property is unavailable.

Thanks again for your inquiry.

My wife and I have satisfactorily used Airbnb for locations from West Virginia to California and have never experienced this unresponsiveness and possible Bait and Switch from them!
If I was VRBO I’d want to know about this type of attitude from the people that you represent. I would be exceptionally worried if I were considering renting this property particularly about the insistence of the owner needing a damage deposit and any subsequent possible (probable?) disputes given their disposition!
Please feel free to put this on this property’s recommendation section. Please keep me informed. My future dealings with your service will be determined by your handling of this situation.
Not happy with your service,

BobFoy55 says: (3 years ago)
Don't waste your money with homeaway. As a property owner, i made the mistake of listing with them. They have absolutely no customer service. Trust me, your issues do not matter to them. The website is broken, and there is nothing you as a owner can do about it. VRBO was amazing until homeaway bought them out, now, its garbage. I am getting 10 times the bookings from other, cheaper websites that aren't owned by homeaway, and its simply because my properties are easier to find.

alamuchee says: (3 years ago)
Horrible company to deal with.... They will not allow reviews that don't meet their standards. We were DOUBLE BOOKED and Home Away would not allow us to leave a review cause we did not actually stay at the property... Of course we didn't.... It was DOUBLE BOOKED.... How can we leave a review on a property when weren't allowed to get in it.... HomeAway did absolutely nothing other than to tell us it was their policy not to allow those type reviews. I feel sorry for future rentors who are in our situation.. Basically property owners are allowed to double book their properties with absolutely no consequence for their actions.... They have a complaint process but no viewer if the website will ever get to see the complaints that are filed... They are purely in it for the money and not the protection of the rentors....

hstone says: (4 years ago)
Since VRBO sold out to Homeaway, they have gone downhill! Their customer support for owners is non-existant. At this point a complaint is sent to their FAQ section as a way to resolve it!
My latest and biggest concern is that homeaway "Quotes" rates to renters that are not correct. They take the owner's rate and devise some way of quoting that is not correct. So, a renter contacts an owner and the rate they were "Quoted" by Homeaway is not what the owner says, so they think the owner is cheating them!
VRBO was an excellent site. Homeaway has ruined that!
Stay AWAY!

4656002d says: (5 years ago)
I rented a house on homeaways site in Costa Rica after staying for a few days just left. It was like living in a motel 8 b illed as luxury. Apparently homeaway only posts good reviews. Casa Mambo Playa Grande Beware

tylerdaddy says: (6 years ago)
I had to cancel a rental that was paid in full. The contract allowed for no penalty that far out from the rental date. The Owner did not have the money to refund it because he did not have another rental. Not my problem, it was in the contract. Scam after scam so I filed with my HomeAway insurance policy because it was a wrongly held deposit. That has been months, they are working with the Owner they say - My policy was for insurance not a mediator? Now it has gone for review by the head of that department and that has been a month. I believe that this insurance is a scam and because they are in Austin, Texas, one can file a small claims case for little money. BTW the money owed me is almost 3000 Sterling?

fendico2 says: (6 years ago)
Terrible customer service--awful property-- and the travelers insurance seems like a big scam as we met every criteria and still they delay any response to it. We will discourage any of our friends or family from making this same costly mistake.

MKTG says: (7 years ago)
I am considering several properties offered through Homeaway and have contacted the owners. I am concerned about the negative reviews of the company and the possibility of a scam.
How have these negative issues been resolved?
How are the properties and their owners reviewed and monitored so that it is "as advertised?"
How can I best avoid a scam in terms of making payments in advance and having the property be legitimate and available as promised?
Thank you.

SHANNON1 says: (8 years ago)

stonecipherl says: (8 years ago)
I am very dissatisfied with the lack of customer service HomeAway gave to my problem with renting a property from their site. I submitted a complaint on their website form 7 days before the start of my vacation. They never responded. I called them and the only thing they said they would do is call the rental company. This did nothing, because the rental company refused to answer their phone or communicate in any way. There was never any follow-up by HomeAway either by e-mail or phone. I asked them how they review their renters and decide when to take them off their site. They told me they would not divulge that information. It seems that they have no interest in truly vetting their home owner rentals because then they would lose the fees they charge for their membership. There is no incentive for them to ever remove anyone from their listings. It seems that their property listing is no more reliable than the classified listings in the newspaper. They most certainly could care less if you have a good experience or not. I was forced to accept an alternate property from this owner at the last minute and I am still trying to get them to reimburse my security deposit.

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