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Homeaway.com Reviews

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  • Horrible Customer Services and Resolution from the Renter Point of View

    I reached out to the HomeAway support staff to seek a resolution for a mobile platform glitch that allowed my individual profile to send the exact same reservation to the exact same property within a 3 minute window. I was informed by Rona, who refused to give me any additional information other than that she was a Supervisor, that HomeAway is just a advertising platform that enables owners and potential renters to connect. However in no way are they responsible for system glitches like this that clearly demonstrate that no reasonable person would put two identical reservations for the same... More...
    cturley's Picture   cturley    0 Comments   Comments
  • HomeAway extortion!!!

    Dear HomeAway Why do we get charged excessive credit card transactions fees for our rentals???? You already receive a a yearly subscription fee $400 from the owner then an excessive service fee of 3% from every single renters rates...why isn't this credit card charge part of the extortionate fees you already profit from? Credit card transaction fees are normal average of $2 per transaction but Home Away inflates the charges to $13. Not only one fee but you charge three transactions fee for one rental including the deposit In the amount of $41.10. VRBO once was a reasonable service... More...
    Davina33's Picture   Davina33    0 Comments   Comments
  • disgusting service

    i have been with holiday rentals for many years then your company took over and its been nothing more than a disaster ever since - we pay you to advertise our properties - nothing more or less - yet you now want our clients, some of whom are regulars, to pay YOU direct and you add on an additional fee - not good enough - youre not here to dictate how we run our properties - my renewal is due in nov 2017 we wont be renewing - I AM notifying the advetising standards board in london - hell if i ran my business like youre doing i wouldnt have a business More...
    helltogo666's Picture   helltogo666    1 Comments   Comments
  • Owner of property with subscription to Home Away

    Minus 10 for rating. I am an owner. They just deactivated my account... hid it from the search, because I hadn't gone into my calendar and updated it. The really bad part is THEY NEVER NOTIFIED ME FOR 3 WEEKS. IT IS NOVEMBER FOR CHRISTS SAKE!!! Today I get an email that it's hidden. I have people send me money directly since the website gives me no control as to payment terms, percentage of deposit, etc. They now have mandatory additional fees of 4 - 10% on top of a hefty yearly subscription fee. You cannot get in touch with the person who inquires... no number or... More...
  • Double charged on rent and transaction fees

    I have spend almost over 2 hours dealing on the phone with 1) Martin, 2) Mervin, 3) Aida, 4) Ashley about an issue with a mistake of a double charge on my account. The persons do not have any idea how to handle the situation. Although is said that I was going to be transferred by the "Payment Processing Team". I found that they do not know nothing about it and also that they put you on hold, for a while, with no music which means that you do not know if the phone is dead or if they will come back to the phone. I was asked why? I was told that they needed to talk to their... More...
    flaca13's Picture   flaca13    0 Comments   Comments
  • Confusing interface makes it unclear if an offer was accepted

    I made an offer on a property and homeaway.com continued to show a "so and so has HH:MM:SS to accept your offer" ticker on the Messages page for the entire 24 hours. This ended and no message from them (yes, I checked my spam folder) and no charge to my credit card. So I thought it wasn't accepted and booked elsewhere. 8 hours later my card is charged. Apparently it was accepted. This is total crap user interface design and I've not heard back from support who claim it take 2-3 business days to reply. Doubt that will help much, from the other things I'm seeing... More...
    sdeibel's Picture   sdeibel    0 Comments   Comments
  • won't give back my £280 after 2 weeks on the phone

    i cancelled a ground floor flat in Callan Co Kilkenny it cost £280 to rent i have been ringing Homeaway talking to 4 customers service agents for 2 weeks going backwards and forward asking me to write a complaint about the owners in Callan Co Kilkenny but it had nothing to do with me as Homeaway has all my money as i have told the agents many times to no avail what a way to run a company all i want is my money back which is quite simple but they are making a fool out people like me and maybe many more but i will resolve this problem watch this space More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    shayne16's Picture   shayne16    0 Comments   Comments
  • Scam

    I found a listing in Akumal, Mexico, over Christmas thru Homeaway.com, sister site of VRBO and VacationRentals. I sent an inquiry, along with dozens of others. Many came back as already booked and I just filed or deleted the emails. I received one email that said they had had a cancellation. The first thing I did, because with dozens of inquiries, I couldn't remember the listing, was to look it up. Sure enough, it was listed as available and within my price range so I responded that I was interested. After a number of back and forth emails, I was a bit suspicious. Property in... More...
    Sfong2015's Picture   Sfong2015    0 Comments   Comments
  • Complaint of Homeaway by Owner

    Complaint of VRBO by Owners In 2010 I began renting my Beachfront condo to short term transient guest to cover my expenses with this condo. Like so many other property owners I turned to the service that I used my self, VRBO.com (Acronym for Vacation Rentals By Owner). Initially VRBO was nothing more than a classified ad site for property owners to post their properties in various categories based on location and amenities. Initially the process was pleasing and enjoyable. Skip forward 5 years and there is not a day that goes by where I do not think of a way to escape the necessary... More...
    PattyMays's Picture   PattyMays    0 Comments   Comments

    I always trusted Homeaway.com to sublet homes for vacation, until my recent booking where I LOST my entire week%u2019s rental fee due to a fraudulent broker, who was represented on Homeaway.com. You should always trust your gut. There were several red flags with this rental property on Homeaway so I called homeaway more than a half dozen times with various questions about fraud. I asked homeaway multiple times to call the home owner to make sure this property is legitimate due to the various issues I had with the rental agent. I was constantly reassured that this was a reputable listing... More...
    STACYJILL814's Picture   STACYJILL814    0 Comments   Comments
  • Home Away has no Customer Service and Site isn't working!

    I attempted 5 times to make my final payment for next month's rental. Each time the card was rejected and I tried two different cards, same error message. Called the 'contact us' number and was patient and respectful to the foreign 'representative', only wanted to make the payment. I was put on hold three times, told I would be transferred to a specialist. Again, on hold but the music changed and now I heard a message on the security and trustworthiness of their staff and site. Told to dial 1 if I wanted to leave a voice message after 30 minutes but even that... More...
    gfurterer's Picture   gfurterer    0 Comments   Comments
  • unauthorised payment

    I had enquired about a property on Home Away Vancouver (NO 3772283) The owner contacted me to check suitability. After the conversation we realised that it wasn't and agreed that I would keep looking. Since then 2 transactions have appeared on my bankcard. Not only were they not authorised it is limiting my ability to book something else. What do I have to do to get a credit. Very, very annoyed right now. More...
  • No Customer Service

    Home away customer service and property review policymakers have an agenda for only themselves. Customer service is, yes, from India (nuff said) and if you have a negative comment about a property or owner they will not post it on the review for potential renters to see. Will not do business with EVER again. BEWARE More...
    inno323's Picture   inno323    0 Comments   Comments
  • Was scammed

    Was scammed on their site and they did nothing to help recover our vacation money. Someone hacked email and was conversing with owner (I thought) but that site email was hacked and they said it wasn't their problem even though their logos and contract that was sent was the same one they use. We lost our vacation money and was just told sorry. Don't use this site. More...
    Dgilton's Picture   Dgilton    2 Comments   Comments

    I experience home away last year travelling to Paris. The girl who received us at the apartment was not at all gentle to us. The same day we arrived the TV and internet were out of order, did not work at all. As we were staying in Paris for 5 days we ask the home away office there to solve our problem....one, two days passed, and nobody replied, finally on the third day a technician entered the aparment, without our consent, obviously with other keys in possession of Home Away, but the problem was not solved. I called again making my complain but nobody cared nor money was sent back to us,... More...
    POLI's Picture   POLI    1 Comments   Comments

    MMCARRAS's Picture   MMCARRAS    1 Comments   Comments
  • Home away rental not what was listed or paid for.

    We rentaed a condo in Ahwatukee for the month of Feb 2013. It was listed a s a luxery condo and we paid $3000.00 for the month. we arrived and it was filthy and cheaply furnished. The property manager accused us of creating problems but sent a cleaning crew over. He told me to tell them what to do, not my job ! The master bed was a futon mattress on slats not a sumptious master suite as listed. We spent the first week cleaning our way in as we had paid in advance so felt we had to stay. There were so many problems and VRBO/Home Away of course don't get involved. We insisted on $500.00... More...
  • Waste of Money

    Website & Vacation Rental Listing #:HomeAway.co.UK # 874305 Rental Property Address: Meridian Place, London England E149FF Owner or Property Manager Name: Monika and Pankaj Goyal Owner or Property Manager Email: Meridianplace2010@yahoo.co.uk Owner or Property Manager Phone: 07956838009 or 07719989032 Owner or Property Manager Mailing Address: 9 Meridian Place City, State, Country, Postal code: London, England E14 9FE December 16th, we arrived at our rental property after traveling all night. When we entered the property I was very concerned. The property... More...
  • Don't Use Home Away

    Please stay clear of this website when looking for a vacation rental. We recently rented an apartment in London. The apartment was mis-represented. Even though we paid Homeaway for the rental assurance, they are doing nothing to help. All I get is emails saying to contact the owner. Not sure why I paid them extra for the insurance. It is a waste of money. My next step will be with my credit card company to get the money back that I paid Homeaway. More...
    nne2sxm's Picture   nne2sxm    0 Comments   Comments
  • Email Scam

    Be afraid. Be very afraid. We thought we had arranged for a villa in Punta Cana. When we called for confirmation a week before our trip we were advised there was no record of our rental. Homeaway sent us an email CONFIRMING the owners email acct had been breached. How they knew this is hard to understand since they never contacted the home owner. A few days later we received an email that the acct MAY HAVE been breached. Homeaway takes no responsibility in our loss of $5,850.00. They say the problem is between us and the owner. More...
    SteveCTGolfer's Picture   SteveCTGolfer    0 Comments   Comments
  • Luxury villa in Lucca/Homeaway

    Last summer we rented villa La Tana (Lucca/Italy) via Homeaway. Information provided by Homeaway proved to be incorrect. We were misled by either the landlord (Masetti) as Homeaway. We tried to post a review. Masetti denied that we were his cliënts. Homeaway asked us for proof (contract, photo's etc.) We delivered an overweming amount of proof but Homeaway did not respond anymore. On a formal complaint they did not respond. To everyone: avoid this organisation!! More...
    Hendrikriel's Picture   Hendrikriel    2 Comments   Comments
  • Property Owner

    Our gmail account was hacked into through the HomeAway website (seems to be fairly common if you do a yahoo search)and all the inquiries on the availability of our house were forwarded to another email address that was: holidayrental2006@gmail.com This person at this email address emailed back a renter and had them wire transfer money to a Mercantil Commerce Bank in Florida. HomeAway really wants nothing to do in helping us, it's customer or the renter. HomeAway is entirely interested in covering their own butts saying they aren't responsible in any way. They have removed... More...
    jakester's Picture   jakester    4 Comments   Comments
  • ReservationManager False Advertisement

    I recently joined Homeaway.com and VRBO.com because they have a new feature called RevervationManager. This service allows home owners to manage online reservation request and take online payments. Thinking this is a great service I joined both sites. After I joined I learned there is an application process that you need to go through. Fair enough I filled out all the forms and waited the a little over 7 day to get an email saying my request was declined. Hmmm I thought this was a little strange because I don't have anything negative in my credit history. So I picked up the phone and... More...
    RiPR's Picture   RiPR    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dishonest Business Practices

    Steer clear of this company. Customer Service is unapproachable, and the business is non-compliant with their own policies. If you decide to use them, have an attorney read the contract agreement and keep copies of every contact, including email. Do not use the telephone to contact them, they will disregard the subject of your call and claim the call never happened. More...
    pathways's Picture   pathways    1 Comments   Comments
  • Awful company, Awful rental

    The apartment I rented through Home Away was uninhabitable. There was black mold on the bathroom walls and floors and the apartment smelled like a sewer. The shower didn't drain. It made the entire apartment smell and closing the door to the bath did not help as the bedroom was foul smelling as well. There had been a leak in the bedroom and the wall was buckled and also smelled terrible. We we were charged for 3 days, their "minimum") and at a higher rate than the weekly rate we had agreed to. NO one should be subjected to this and also have to pay for it. This apartment is... More...
    irisbow's Picture   irisbow    5 Comments   Comments
  • Scammed through Homeaway UK site

    Please see my review. I would really like to know what your company is going to do to reassure users of its website that they are safe to make contact through it and that they can put trust in it. I sent my enquiry through your website (UK) to an owner only to find out now that the person who answered me was not the real owner. This person has stolen 2300 Euros from me and my holiday. The police are investigating and holiday rentals are sure it is not their website that has been compromised but the owner's email account. It doesn't really matter to me who it was. I just want... More...
  • Scammed through Homeaway/holiday-rentals.co.uk website

    Have used this website successfully for 10 years now. Booked my 2011 villa which looked like the best yet, early to secure it. Sent the enquiry through the website to the owner as usual, got an answer, a contract, bank details to transfer 50% deposit (2300 Euros), a phone call etc. Then, received an email mid December asking me to pay the final 50% by the end of the month. I emailed back saying that I couldn't and that in accordance with the contract, the final payment wasn't due until April. I was also asked for copies of our ID. I was suspicious and refused and asked if... More...
    Unhappy40's Picture   Unhappy40    7 Comments   Comments
  • Non-response by HomeAway Customer Service

    In mid-May I submitted a complaint to HomeAway on their website form saying it was an emergency. The rental property I had found through their site had told me that the property was not available 10 days from the start of my trip. I then called HomeAway customer service after no response from them. The only thing they offered was to send an e-mail to the property rental company to contact me. That was not any help at all. This rental company had stopped communicating with me after they told me they were pulling my property. They had already charged $2,000 to my credit card. This... More...


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